Vantage Protection Systems

Vantage Protection Systems It Pays to Protect

What Is Vantage Protections SystemsTM?

It's a Diamond Ceramic coating applied to both the interior and exterior of your boat. Diamond Ceramic (patent pending) is the first ever long term protective coating to combine nano diamonds with ceramic technology. The nano diamonds give unparalleled shine and reflection, creating a diamond brilliance finish to your boat or RV. The ceramic forms a chemical bond to the surface for outstanding protection. The two technologies together result in a stunning appearance with high levels of gloss, slickness, and reflection.

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Why Do You Need Vantage Protection SystemsTM?

💎 Fully insured 5-year warranty if damage occurs*

a. Including repainting and gel coat repair

b. Replacement/repair of interior surfaces

c. Coverage for rips, tears, punctures and burns

💎 Preserve resale value - shield you new boat from both human and natural events

💎 It's not a question of IF, it is a questions of WHEN accidents and damage will occur

Vantage Protection SystemsTM Products are backed by a 50+ year legacy of Protective Excellence

What Vantage Protection SystemsTM Protects
Interior ProtectionExterior Protection
💎 Mold & Mildew
💎 Rips & Tears (Up to 6" long)
💎 Punctures
💎 Burns (up to 1" diameter)
💎 Blood & Bodily Fluids
💎 Food & Beverage Stains
💎 Bleaches & Dyes
💎 Lipstick/Makeup/Inks
💎 Tree Sap
💎 Bird Waste
💎 Insect Damage
💎 Fading/Discolouration
💎 Sun's UV Rays
💎 Weather Induced Fading
💎 Weather Induced Chalking
💎 Weather Induced Loss of Gloss
💎 Acid Rain
💎 Tree Sap
💎 Bird Waste
💎 Insect Damage
💎 Sun's UV Rays
💎 Hard Water Spots
💎 Ocean Spray
💎 Paint Overspray

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How Vantage Protection SystemsTM Works

The "secret" about the comprehensive protection that VPS Products deliver is simply in the revolutionary technology it is created from. This Nano Technology acts to produce a significant shield for your interior and exterior surfaces of the inevitable impacts from environmental or human elements. It is invisible to the naked eye and will maintain your boats luster and Interior/Exterior for many years.

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*Full terms, conditions and exclusions, including but not limited to, your duties, of the Limited Warranty included in the purchase of the Protection product are included in the written Limited Warranty available at the time of purchase

Product Testimonial

Legit or Smoke and Mirrors?

Preliminary Findings, June 2019

by Derek Smith

2017 Crestliner 195 Superhawk After Vantage Protection System Applied

Ceramic protection systems such as Diamondcote, Armour Shield and Vantage have been popping up quite a bit these days; anything from professional installations to DIY kits, but do these products actually work?   

Having owned two vehicles treated with the Diamondcote system, I do know there is something to some of these systems. Our dealership, C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd, just took on Vantage Protection Systems and while the sales pitch always sounds good, we were left wondering just how well it actually works. This product comes with a five year interior/exterior warranty but contact the dealership or visit the Vantage website for protection specifics. We have sold this product to a few customers so far but the boats were usually going away to distant destinations so we couldn't really test the product. 

It does give the boat a real mirror finish, which is impressive, but what about in the water? After reading through the material the prospect of not having to do a deep interior clean and carpet shampoo and a two coat wax job every year was very inviting. I discussed it with my brother and father and we decided to volunteer our boat (and our wallets!) to put this product through is paces. Our test subject is a 2017 Crestliner 195 Superhawk with a 225HP Mercury Optimax with 100 hrs.  After a thorough interior clean and exterior polish and wax it was ready. This prep work is necessary as any dirt marks or hazing will be locked in by the product - however your boat looks when the product goes on is how it will look for a very long time so getting it right the first time is paramount. 

Vantage only warranties the product above the water line but we wanted to see what it would do below as well. Base line numbers for our test boat are 55 MPH average GPS speed with full tank and one passenger, and 50 MPH average GPS speed with four adults, full tank of fuel, four tackle boxes, ten rods and a ton of lead sinkers. Ok, maybe not a ton but it sure feels like it! Location of testing: Long Point, Lake Erie. 

Test one: visual. Preparing the boat for launch we had several of our neighbours come over too look it over then proceeded to ask if we had bought another new boat. We then got the same question from people at the ramp while we were launching. Test result: success I'd say.  

Test two: speed. One person with full tank, average speed increased to 56 to 57 MPH from 55 MPH. Four person speed saw an increase to 52.8 MPH from 50 MPH. Test result: success. Now the question will be how long it lasts.

Test three: cleaning. Any fisherman knows fish blood can be difficult to get out of carpet if you don't get it right away, and even then you usually have to soak it. In the past, we have even resorted to pulling out the portable carpet cleaner, now, the blood wipes right of with a damp cloth or sponge! Seats wipe clean and a quick vacuum cleans up loose debris. Cleaning weeds and scum off the water line requires nothing more than a good hose down or a quick wipe. This will be better judged at the end of the season, but so far it's working well. Test result: Impressive! 

A full season of use will tell the full tale but so far Vantage Protection Systems has been very impressive. So much so, my next project is to treat my two SeaDoo's with Vantage as well.  

If you are considering this product I personally highly recommend it. For those do it yourselfers it will save you a lot of time cleaning and polishing your boat for the season and for those who pay for these services, you may finding yourself saving some money in the long run.