Spring Kickoff Learning Event

Spring Kickoff Learning Event - Looking Past 100 hrs. + Maintenance Dos and Don’ts

Our Provincially Certified Marine Engine Mechanics will be giving tips and advice on the maintenance of your engine, trailer and different systems on your boat. Knowing these simple items will help you not only save money, but can also help to maximize your time on the water this summer by knowing what to look for, what you can do with some simple tools and when to call in the pros.

The larger group will break out into two different groups to discuss maintenance specific to Outboard engines and Inboard/Outboard engines.

Our technicians will be giving tips on topics including:

  • Fuel - how to store it, what happens to it when it sits and how it can affect the performance of your engine and it's components
  • Trailer - It gets you from point A to B. Maybe you only use it twice per year or maybe you use it every weekend. There are rules and regulations that you might not be familiar with, our technicians will talk about them while talking about how to keep your trailer in it's best condition to keep you safe on the roadways and get you around without hassle
  • Summerizing your boat and engine - Doing this one small project can save you a world of headaches at the ramp or on the water. Believe us when we tell you we've likely seen and heard it all when it comes to boaters skipping this step, thinking they're saving themselves time. What can you do and what should you have your technician do? 
  • Our Services - there's a lot that we can do for you to keep your boat in tip-top shape. We'll go through some of the services you might know even exist!