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Insurance Quotes and Boat Repairs

If your boat repair is part of an insurance claim, that is yet another reason to work with C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd.  All of the headaches associated with the required paperwork can certainly add to the bad experience you’re undoubtedly already having seeing as your boat is out of commission.  

C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. welcomes boat insurance claim work and will deliver accurate quotes on different manufacture replacement parts and you can be assured that we have had great dealings with both local insurance agents in addition to larger firms directly.  

No matter who you’re insured with, you are welcome at our shop - we deal with both independent, local insurance agents and large firms alike. 

Is C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. able to quote correct manufacture replacement parts – as required by most insurers?

Short answer - Yes. You might not realize how much paperwork and time it will take to put a claim against your insurance. It’s irritating and takes the nerves of steel to get everything done so you don’t have to spend a fortune on the needed boat or engine repairs. It was an accident after all, and you pay your insurance premiums every month for a reason, right?!

Most boat owners could also use some support from their shop in this ordeal. If that’s what you are looking for, we offer a lot of insurance assistance (based on extensive experience working with many different insurance companies), including quotes on correct manufacture replacement parts. You’ll be done with your insurance in no time.



boat repair collage - CAS MarineC.A.S. Power Marine Ltd., in Ayr, Ontario, is ideally located to serve your boat maintenance, repair and winterization needs

On the top portion of this page you will see quite a large number of boat maintenance and repair services that we handle, all by certified, factory-trained, marine technicians.  Our boat Service Department is second to none and comes with our promise to make things right.  

Please take the time to review all of the boat & engine repair, maintenance, and repower services that we offer.  We even offer boat detailing to our customers because as boaters ourselves, we fully understand the need to have your boat looking great before it even hits the water. 

If your pride and joy has seen better days but insurance is willing to reimburse you, we are there to help. If your boat needs some invigoration by way of a engine repower or simple maintenance, C.A.S. Power Marine is there to throw your boat a lifeline and rescue you from the aggravation of being on land instead of where you belong during our too-short boating season.

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