Marine Engine Repower

Marine Engine Repower

Just like any engine, boat motors, in-board or outboard, lose the ability to produce maximum power after a period of time.  The very same engine the you thought made you master of the lake, over time, without you even realizing it, become ordinary and unexciting. Most boat owners try to minimize this effect through the use of several different stopgap measures but what is truly required could be a marine engine repowering for an improved experience - faster, cleaner and quieter rides. 

Engine Types:




It is of course obvious that an outboard motor will require less effort to remove and therefore this component of labour costs will be less than an inboard motor – where a marine technician will require a significant amount more time/effort to work on the engine due to its enclosed nature.  

Whatever the reason for the replacement - and whatever type your engine is - it’s best to go to a professional. There is a reason why marine techs are certified along with their education being kept up to date through the various manufacturers that CAS Power Marine deals with.  Trust us, there’s a lot less stress involved in paying a little bit extra in comparison to having your engine strewn about your garage and hoping that once it’s put back together that it doesn’t leave a mile or two, or more, off shore!! 

Engine Repower Benefits:

 1. Increased fuel efficiency

Every boat owner knows the pain of pulling up the pumps each weekend.  With the cost of fuel reaching higher and higher each summer, saving fuel becomes a concern.  One of the primary benefits of an Engine Repower is the increased fuel efficiency. When you think about it, fuel is one of the biggest operating expenses you have on the water so improving that 5, 10 or up to 20% can be a huge savings.  
 2. Increase horsepower 

Once you repower your boat, you’ll notice that the quality and fun-factor of your boating experience will change… and always for the better! When you’re dealing with a smaller displacement engine, if they lose 2, 5, 10hp, that can mean a huge percentage loss off of how the engine is supposed to work. Not only could you gain more horsepower, you’ll gain a great big smile when flexing your need for power!

 3. Reliability and Smoother Operation

Increased horsepower and lower running costs are great, but they are not the only benefit to repowering your engine. Once you repower, you’ll notice better productivity and a smoother, better operation. With a new engine, maintenance is simpler and as an another big plus to this, parts are easy to find and experts who can help you with repairing are available as well. All of this will decrease your maintenance costs and time. 

 4. Update rigging components

Repowering your engine is a good opportunity to update your other parts like rigging components. This can be of more value in the long run because those engines will not have to work with the same intensity to gain the same speeds. 

 5. Upgrade to digital throttle and shifting

Despite how you might feel about going digital or electronic with shift, digital controls offer a better experience than analog or mechanical ones do. In fact, you’ll have a much higher level of smoothness and control over your boat. This is a good opportunity for you to try something modern and potentially better. While this will require more parts to be replaced, you’ll never regret it because of the unforgettable experience you'll have riding your boat.
 6. Full data diagnostics for personal operator and mechanics

Upon installing your new engine, you’ll probably be informed of a great new feature that you have - full data diagnostics that can serve you as and your mechanic as a guide as to what your boat needs. These systems are often very detail oriented and they can detect even the slightest issue. Once the time comes for repairs or replacements at your store, your mechanic will be able to know the root of the problem.
 7. Integrate engine data into Fish finders, GPS and Navigation S

Being connected with various types of helpful systems is a good idea, especially if you already have a system. This will allow the system to represent data on your whereabouts and approximate times of travel. This can also be used as a safety. 

8. Warranty

Nothing lasts forever and a boat motor is no different, and the further away it is from its christening the more likely that something will go wrong.  With a boat repowering, everything is new again and covered by warranty. There’s no better feeling that knowing that your boat, your source of enjoyment and relaxation, shouldn’t cause any pocketbook heart attacks since warranty will look after anything that arises.