New Crownline Boats for Sale

The Pinnacle of Style & Excellence

Crownline boats are without a doubt the most exciting & progressive boats on the market today, taking luxury convenience, functionality, quality & performance to the next level!

Meticulous craftsmanship and uniquely functional features insure that Crownline boat is one that you will be able to demonstrate to your friends your keen eye for prestige, while knowing that you understand value of a dollar and long-term quality. 

From extreme water sports to a classy cocktail, Crownline has a boat that is perfectly sized for your needs, your budget, your level of excitement and your desire to ride the water with class.

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Boat Categories Available:

Crownline undoubtedly has a boat that is just right for you and your family since they tout boats within the following model classes:

SS =Sport Series

E =Eclipse

XS =Cross Sport

CR =Cruiser

SC =Sport Cuddy

SY =Sport Yacht

What Makes Crownline Unique? 

Unparalleled Style: Crownline has successfully combined a sexy, sporty look with that of high sophistication, just the thing for boaters who desire comfort and convenience, yet still yearn for racy, sports car styling. Crownline interiors are conversation and entertainment friendly, designed for beauty as well as luxury, comfort and convenience. The fact that Crownline continues to be one of the top names in the boating industry can be attributed to the many innovative ideas incorporated into all of their designs.

Attention to Detail/Craftsmanship: Innovative designs & uncompromising quality standards set Crownline apart from the crowd, sporty, sophisticated and refined. Crownline does not cut corners. Every boat receives numerous inspections throughout crucial stages of the build processes. Dedication to outstanding quality and craftsmanship results in a better long term investment for you and your family.

Unequaled Value: For the best quality and value in the industry Crownline boats are built to zero tolerance standards. Every piece of equipment that goes into their boats is selected for its quality and marine durability. Using proven manufacturing techniques and methods that ensure world-class construction quality. Commitment to excellence is Crownline’s best guarantee of customer satisfaction and pride of ownership. That’s why Crownline boats’ resale values are so high – they’re build to last for the long run!


A Special Crownline Dealer: C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd.

C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. originally became a Crownline dealer simply because our clients wanted more style, more value and more functionality from their boats. Offering the latest Crownline lineup of boats provides C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. the opportunity to bring exclusive features to our customers that return value to their owner every single time they’re out on the water or simply doing regular maintenance. Allow us to build a relationship with you while walking through the process of buying one of the most rewarding purchases of your family’s life. We know the models from top to bottom and are dedicated to finding the right boat to fit your outdoor lifestyle.