Crownline 205 SS

Crownline 205 SS Bowrider

The Crownline 205 SS is the 21’9” bowrider with the look and feel of a much larger one, all while maintaining a slim, sleek, sexy profile. The engineering of each one of the Crownline boats within the 2018 lineup goes well beyond beauty. If you take the time to really dig into the technology behind the manufacturing processes, you’ll find that the usable layout, hardware, engine choices, overall ‘footprint’ and unique features are all aimed at maximizing your ENJOYMENT and your INVESTMENT.

Standard Features

In typical Crownline boat fashion, the list of standard features read like an option list from most of our direct competition. Fibreglass cockpit liner, extended swim platform with soft touch mat, stainless hardware, quality sound pounding audio entertainment with Bluetooth, bucket seats with bolsters, boarding ladder, ski tow rails, walk-through transom… the list goes on and on.

F.A.S.T. Tab Hull

Of course every boat has a hull. Hull’s are simple… they enable a boat to remain watertight and float. So why all the fuss about Crownline’s F.A.S.T. Tab Hull found on the this Crownline bowrider? Well, it is designed to not only look good, which the Crownline 205 SS certainly does (it almost looks fast just sitting still); the FAST Tab Hull is one of the most efficient designs on the market today. The Fin-Assisted Safe Turn (FAST) Tab hull was specifically designed to significantly improve low-speed steadiness, fuel economy and time-to-plane acceleration. In other words, it improves safety, stability, speed and cost of ownership. Things that EVERY boat owner needs to care about.

Optional Features

While the Crownline list of standard features is lengthy, including the FAST Tab Hull, if you wish to Build Your Own Crownline bowrider, we have a myriad of options to insure that you can live your passion for boating exactly the way you want to.

Gelcoat Colors & Patterns:

CAS Power Marine - Crownline GelCoat Options

Boat Cover Color Options:

CAS Power Marine - Crownline Boat Cover Color options.jpg

Cover Style Options:

Bow & Cockpit snap on cover; One-Piece boat cover with hang Tyte Canvas

Dash Options:

Talk to C.A.S. Power Marine for full details

Flooring Options:

Talk to C.A.S. Power Marine for full details

Arch & Tower Options:

Most of the Crownline Arch & Tower options come in either a Moonstone or Onyx color option, except the Base Tower, which is only available in Moonstone. With regards to the Aluminum Arch and the Samson Towers, both of these are available in Moonstone or Onyx. Because details such as this could change, it is always best to contact CAS Marine to discuss what is available.

Interior Options for Your Crownline Boat:

When it comes to Crownline boats, boaters come to expect a plethora of styles, color and texture options when it comes to what is available in regards to a Crownline interior. Not every interior color option is available on every Crownline model, so it is best to talk to CAS Marine in order to determine the exact options for the model you are considering.

Swim Mat:

Crownline offers an upgraded Teak-look swim mat option which take the look of your boat up a notch or two… or three!

CAS Power Marine - Crownline Swim Mat Color options.jpg

Cruiser Fabric Options:

Sure the exterior of your boat is generally what everyone sees but in order to take their jealously up to 11, they really need to see the interior! If you truly wish to upgrade your everyday appreciation of your Crownline boat, talk to CAS Power Marine about what fabric options may be available for the boat you are considering.

Not all options may be available on this boat. Talk to C.A.S. Power Marine to get more information on which features are available for the Crownline boat of your choice.

205 SS Specifications:

CAS Power Marine - 2018 Crownline 205 SS specifications

Crownline Boats: Quality & Class

There is a reason why those who truly know boats, know Crownline is a premium boat without the premium price. When it comes to showing off your boat choice, those who admire a Crownline boat from either up close or afar will realize you are someone who appreciates quality and looking good! Everything that should be stainless is. Much of the hardware is embossed for a touch of class and in the case of hardware, such as the cleats for example, when they aren’t needed, they tucked away providing a nice, clean look to your boat.

One of the items that really set off a Crownline 205 SS is the gelcoat finish. Not only are there a number of color and design choices, but the look and feel is tremendous. It just oozes quality. As your boat ages, be rest assured that your boat will continue to look as good as new and continue to impress others while on the lake or sitting still on your boat trailer.

Why Buy a Crownline 205 SS

The things that you get the most benefit from are generally the simplest which is why we want to highlight some of the simple things that will make owning a new Crownline bowrider worth every penny.

Storage: This boat has TONS of storage. Crownline engineers have created a boat with so much storage you’ll think you have a way bigger boat than you really do. Every possible bit of potentially wasted space has been reconstructed in order to enable you to store everything you need and have easily accessible.

Warranty: The lifetime warranty extends to the transom, deck & hull going to prove that Crownline’s quality can be assured for the entire length of time you wish to enjoy your 205 SS. There’s even a 5 year warranty on the gelcoat so that your new Crownline boat, always looks brand new.