Marine Sales

Chris Sellner - Owner & Sales Advisor

Chris Sellner

Owner & Sales Advisor
When Chris looks back at his childhood, some of his fondest memories are of his family up at their cottage on Conestogo Lake, boating their summers away. As Chris's own family got older, he and his wife, Karen, decided it was time to create their own boating memories; Chris and Karen purchased a used Bayliner Ciera. Chris, Karen and the kids enjoyed a few summers on it, but then it came time to sell. This is when Chris's passion for sales switched gears from cars to boats and C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. was launched! Chris has gone from selling out of a friend's garage as a one-man operation to employing 10 full-time crew members in a brand new shop, store and showroom. Often, you'll find him out at Pottahawk on Lake Erie or down in Florida in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral area living and Delivering the Dream!
Dan Orchard - Sales Advisor & Marine Technician

Dan Orchard

Sales Advisor & Marine Technician
Chris's favourite story to tell about Dan is from Spring 2008. Dan dropped off his resume looking for a Marine Engine Mechanic Apprenticeship Placement, Chris went running out the door after him, interviewed him and gave him the placement on the spot. Dan Dan's boat racing hobby meant he was the one fine-tuning his racing outboard and making any necessary repairs to both his engine and boat. In Chris's eyes, Dan was a gold-star to add to our service department. The kicker to the story is Chris didn't realize he was hiring his daughter's future husband! Dan completed both his placement and apprenticeship with C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. and has gone on to, not only mentor other apprentices in our service department, but is also a spokesperson for Ontario's boating industry giving presentations to elementary and high schools in Waterloo Region as part of the Speaker's Bureau organized through the Business & Education Partnership of Waterloo Region. Dan has also taught basic mechanical courses with the KW Power & Sail Squadron. Dan is certified Marine Engine Mechanic with the Province of Ontario, a Suzuki Marine MasterTech since 2009, a Mercruiser Certified Technician and Volvo Penta Certified Technician.


Vanessa Orchard - Bookkeeper & Manager

Vanessa Orchard

Bookkeeper & Manager
After spending a few years in the accounting world, Vanessa decided to come on board and start working for her dad, Chris. In 2007, Vanessa started off with only real-world, helping-dad-out-with-the-lines experience at the Parts & Service Counter. At that time, we didn't have dedicated staff for each department. Vanessa grew into the Service Advisor role then fell back on her accounting experience to fill the Bookkeeper & Service Manager roles. Also an asset to the Sales team, she handles all of the ownership transfers. Over the years, Vanessa has gained valuable service & parts experience and has become an integral crew member at C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. Vanessa is not only Chris's daughter, but also Dan's wife!
Lidia Herbut - Accounting Clerk

Lidia Herbut

Accounting Clerk
Lidia started part-time with C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. in 2012 as the Accounts Payable Clerk, a newly created position at the time. Her experience working with large corporate accounts was almost too much for C.A.S., but her and Vanessa hit it off just right, which was a good thing since they shared a tiny office at the Cedar Creek location. Lidia always has a smile on her face and is ready to help out the rest of the crew (even when it means dirty hands to tend to the gardens or count dusty old parts inventory!). As the company has grown, her position has evolved into a full-time Accounting Clerk. We're glad to have her a part of the crew, especially since she keeps everyone fed and laughing!

Parts & Accessories Store

You! - Parts Manager


Parts Manager
We're hiring for a new position of Parts Manager! Please see our "Employment Opportunities" page for more information and to apply!
Pat Kirby - Parts Advisor

Pat Kirby

Parts Advisor
Pat was big into Ontario's fishing, owning his own charter company and bait & tackle shop. After a number of years riding those waves, Pat decided to test out some calmer waters and made the switch to C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd as a Parts Advisor. His years upon years (upon years, upon years!) of experience has helped MANY of our customer's ensure they're getting the right accessory or replacement piece for their marine systems. Pat's knowledge of navigational equipment is vast and, working with the folks at Humminbird and Raymarine, he knows what's right for your application and body of water. Come visit Pat in our store, you'll leave with a new story to tell your friends and something shiny and new!

Service Department

JamieLee Clements - Service Advisor

JamieLee Clements

Service Advisor
JamieLee cruised over to C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. in Spring 2018. JamieLee's extensive background in customer service and operational logistics lends itself well to her Service Advisor role. Our customer's appreciate her attention to detail and excellent communication. We think we've hooked JamieLee into the boating world, although she doesn't have much experience with boat, she's quickly learned the fundamentals of the different systems which has helped speed up the efficiency in our service department. JamieLee's composure and organizational skills will keep you at ease when bringing your summer's pride and joy to us for regular maintenance or unexpected repairs.
Derek Smith - Marine Technician

Derek Smith

Marine Technician
Derek's family has always had a cottage on the water. When the economy took a down-turn, so did Derek's previous career as an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic. That's when Derek decided to jump into the cool waters of the marine mechanic! After completing his first year in Georgian College's Marine Engine Mechanic course in 2009, he came to C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd to finish his placement. Derek stayed on for his full apprenticeship period of 3 years and, after gaining his Certification from the Province of Ontario as a Marine Engine Mechanic, he mentored other marine engine mechanic apprentices. Derek has been able to not only draw on his years as an aircraft mechanic, but also his passion for fishing on the Great Lakes, to make sure his service customers are getting their boats serviced and maintained to their potential. With C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd, Derek has been a Suzuki MasterTech since 2010, achieving Bronze Award status once and Silver Award status twice! Derek is also Volvo Penta Certified and Mercury/Mercruiser Certified. Derek is a trusted and dependable long-time Crew Member and asset to our service department. Sorry no choosies for your service tech :)
Kirk McBride - Detailer

Kirk McBride

Kirk's dipped his toes in a couple of different areas at C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd.