Boat & Outboard Winterization

Boat & Outboard Winterization

Here in Canada we are all too familiar with the fact that boating season is WAY too short. It seems like one moment you are launching your boat for your first ride of the spring and then all of a sudden, it’s September and your mindset changes to the hustle of winterizing your boat for… well, winter!  

C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. is here to minimize the headaches that come with compressed time frames that fall seems to bring and combine that with providing our boating customers options on just how in-depth they want to take the boat winterization process by leveraging our on-staff certified marine technicians.  

Typical boat winterization includes a handful of basic elements but C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. makes sure that you boat and/or outboard is FULLY winterized. Why? because, without fail, every spring our Service Department has to deal with boats and engines that haven’t followed proper boat and engine winterization techniques and it typically ends up costing a LOT more than it would have had winterizing been done right the first time. Even when a boat has been winterized ‘properly’, there are a lot of different elements that should have been looked at in order to minimize the long-term cost of boat ownership and increase the longevity of your boating investment.

Winterization Service

Basic Boat Winterization Elements

Most Do-It-Yourself’rs believe that if you look after the following basic components of boat winterization that they are 100% covered:

  1. Fuel Treatment
  2. Engine Fogging
  3. Drain the Engine/Anti-freeze
  4. Oil Change
  5. Gear-Case Lube Change

As noted above, if you truly want to minimize the long-term cost of ownership AND increase your enjoyment and longevity of boat, proper boat winterization includes a lot more detail than this, along with using the right supplies.

Boat Winterization

Every boater takes a different approach to winterization which is why C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd provides you with options on how you would like to winterize your boat or outboard engine. Some boats may not warrant full treatment simply due to the age of your boat or due to a lack of use during the season.

As part of the boat winterization process, C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. starts at the beginning which is the recent history of your boat and its engine. We always identify potential problem areas by asking you a series of question about the recent performance of your boat. From there, our marine technicians go bow to stern making sure that your boat is looked after, not only for the upcoming winter, but to make sure it's already on its way to being ready to use the next season.  

C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. has three detail levels of winterization: Economy, Silver and Gold. Each package has specific elements to address your level of need or how much detail you wish to put into winterizing your boating investment. To get a feel for exactly what each boat winterization package makes sense for you, please call the C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd's Service Department to discuss options and costs to properly get your boat ready for winter.  

Boat Winterization & Insurance Pitfalls

We see it every year. A customer who tries putting through an insurance claim for their marine engine that froze over the winter, causing significant damage. The problem arises when the customer did the work themselves.  Even when they show the insurance company that they purchased all the proper supplies to properly winterize their boat, the claim gets denied because the actual work wasn't done by a reputable boat dealer with properly certified marine technicians - such as C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd., in Ayr, Ontario. 

Without the insurance company coming through with the cost of the repairs, it will cost you thousands and completely spoil the beginning, or may be the entire, boating season for you.

Outboard Engine Winterization

Unlike the range of boat winterization packages noted above, the process of winterizing your outboard engine falls into one of two categories: two-stroke or four-stroke.   Which Outboard you have will determine what is required in order to properly winterize your outboard motor.  

C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd's marine technicians will run through a 12/14-point list of tasks plus another 15+ point review checklist in order to make sure that your outboard engine is ready for winter and the spring beyond.  

If you want to know what is involved in the C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. Outboard Engine Winterization program, please give our Service Department a call to get the full details and pricing.

Winterization: More Than Just Your Engine

Although your boat’s engine is possibly the biggest aspect of boat winterization, there are other hurdles you’ll encounter if you want to properly look after your boat in its entirety. Give us a call and speak with either our Parts Department or Service Department to determine what other winterization steps your boat may require

Boat Shrink-Wrap

If you don’t have the luxury of being able to store your boat indoors, shrink-wrapping your boat is absolutely essential.  C.A.S. Power Marine charges out boat shrink-wrapping by the measured foot.   Call us for current pricing.

Boat Storage

Seeing that C.A.S. Power Marine is located at 418 Harmony Rd in Ayr, Ontario, we are set up to take dozens of boats for winter storage.  Our boat storage fee is a set price for the season, which ends May 31st.   Any boats stored at our facilities must be shrink wrapped.  Please call us to find out our current boat storage fees.

Boat Pickup & Delivery

Unfortunately, not every boater is blessed with a boat trailer to be able to transport their boat to and from storage or a facility like C.A.S. Power Marine, or to have their boat winterized.   If you happen to need a boat trailer to move your boat around, we have those!  If our selection of boat trailers isn’t what you’re looking for, we have a boat pickup and delivery service to assist you.  

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