About Us

Chris Sellner had been an avid boater for his whole life and had bought and sold numerous boats through his enjoyment of the boating lifestyle but was always troubled by the fact that not enough boat dealers were true boaters themselves and didn’t truly understand what a boater was looking for when it came time to purchase a new boat or a pre-owned boat, get boat service work done or even purchase simple boat accessories.

In 1992, Chris set out to create a better boat buying experience. He knew he had to surround himself with great people with tremendous product knowledge and a service staff with a depth of knowledge that, when a customer brought them a problem, they’d be able to fix it to full satisfaction every single time.

The other element he was looking for was location. Being located in Ayr, ON, allowed C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. to be centrally located exactly where the majority of boaters actually live, southwestern Ontario. With it being a little over an hour from Toronto and less than an hour from places such as Hamilton, Kitchener, London and Mississauga, Ayr become the ideal spot in which to set up his new boat dealership.

In late 2017, C.A.S. Marine made the move to a new location at 418 Harmony Road, which is still in Ayr and is a 30 second commute from old driveway to new driveway… so we didn’t move far, but we certainly were able to upgrade what we offer and how effectively we are able to do so.

Over the years the product lines have seen minor changes, but a couple of things remain constant. C.A.S. Marine remains a family owned and operated boat dealer full of boaters on staff; they will ONLY carry brands that they feel confident standing behind; and only deal with manufacturer that confidently stand behind their product as well. At this time, the premium brand we carry is Crownline. A long-time manufacturer of quality boats with a depth of options/customization that can’t be matched.